[Snort-users] mysql 5.0 and snort 2.3.0 problem

abanger wu abangercn at ...5635...
Wed Feb 23 17:57:45 EST 2005

database: compiled support for ( mysql )
database: configured to use mysql
database:          user = snort
database: password is set
database: database name = snort
database:          host = localhost
database: detail level  = full
database:   sensor name = mysnort
database:     sensor id = 2
database: mysql_error: You have an error in your SQL
syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your
MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near
'schema' at line 1
database: schema version = 0
ERROR: database: The underlying database has not been
initialized correctly.  This
          version of Snort requires version 106 of the
DB schema.  Your DB
          doesn't appear to have any records in the
'schema' table.
          Please re-run the appropriate DB creation
script (e.g. create_mysql,
          create_postgresql, create_oracle,
create_mssql) located in the
          contrib\ directory.

          See the database documentation for cursory
details (doc/README.database).
          and the URL to the most recent database
plugin documentation.
Fatal Error, Quitting..


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