[Snort-users] Need a bit of help about Snort and PCAP 3

Stephan Lantos Stephan at ...13078...
Wed Feb 23 10:10:33 EST 2005

Hello all,


I just installed Snort 2.3.0RC2 with WinPCAP 3.0, as well as PHP, Acid,
etc.  The configuration was relatively easy, I got ACID working (which
may be a miracle), but whenever SNORT tries to run as a service I get
the following error:

"OpenPcap() FSM compilation failed: 

            parse error

PCAP command: =1"


Now, I know snort is working because from the command line, I can do
snort -v or snort -v i1 and in each case it does fine.


I only have one Etrhernet card installed, so I know that 1 is the
setting for it.  What am I doing wrong?  Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,


Stephan Lantos

IT Manager

NA World Services

stephan at ...13078...

818.773.9999 x181




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