[Snort-users] Re: Tao of doing it right: Ignoring bad advice and doing it the Bilano way!

Zane Cooper zanecooper1 at ...11827...
Tue Feb 22 15:13:50 EST 2005

You are SO on to something here.   Your ingenious post brought me to
the light, and I indeed now understand how it feels to stand on the
shoulders of giants like yourself. To show my sheer gratitude, I
thought I'd send you a gift of money via PayBud, but they wanted my
digits. I don't mean my phone number like all the ladies, but my
credit card number!  Sha!! Right!!! Do these CashPal people read
SeeNN?? No chance I am letting some punk thieve my identity and gleen
access to all my leet shell accounts. I've heard these perps can
actually get access to your little black book once they have your
identity. Not gonna chance having some lame grease monkey calling on
my lady friends.

Anyway, the other day I was reading about a modified version of snurt.
I think they call it Snert Online. At first I thought it was gonna be
like AyeOhEl and YaWhoo! which gets me all hot n bothered (more ladiez
to IM babee!), but it's not.  I read some of the lame documentation
(these guys have no clue), and I think it's suppose to be like one of
them new fangled Instant Protection System's (IPS) that I saw
mentioned in the Rockford Files (Jim Rockford is the MAN!). So, the
Files said IDS was dead, and I was trying to think how I could bring
your idea to the next level.  To get to thinking I first chugged some
lemon-lime Faygo  (like I am gonna spend cash on mountain spew when I
can get Faygo for $2 a case).  I was interupted by the mail man
delivering a new black nought-a-hyde fanny pack I stole on eSay for
$30 (sucker). I always keep copies of reciepts in triplicate (just in
case) and was waiting for my scanner to finish as I reread your post
for the 12th time.  I bet you know where I am going with this!!  What
if you printed those packets out, had your lazy interns eyeball the
packets for nastiness (screw sneart, these are interns and we don't
pay them to let software to do all the work). They can toss bad 8x11's
 into the round file or scan the new packets onto a second system. The
second system would write the plackets back onto the network. Freaking
air gap technology! Nothing is more secure!!

I tested this out at my office and it worked like a charm. Sure the
lazy interns where complaining (biatches probably thought they were
gonna skate for that $5/hour), and our network admin's got all upity
started screaming about "latency". I told them where they could put
their CCICEE's. Everyone knows that latency doesn't mean crap, it's
bandwidth that's important and we have an OC3.

Thanks again. Without your insight, I couldn't have done this.


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