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Just a comment: What about adding a perl script like aaval uses to do
all that in the background when the cpu util is low... let it generate
all the hostnames and populate the tables etc in the background as the
information is recieved into the snort db?

Willy, Andrew wrote:
| Gentlemen,
| Thank you for your replies.  It turns out my IDS config is to blame, and
| address resolution (unableto+waitingfortimeout) was leading to the
| delay/lag.
| For the record, if for some reason you'd like to turn address resolution
| off, Kevin Johnson advises: "In your base_conf.php file I would recommend
| changing $resolve_IP to equal 0 and try again."
| Regards,
| Andrew
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| Can you tell us what optimizing the MySQL database might be, and the
| procedure?
| I do understand that when the alerts are deleted, at least with ACID there
| are some remains of the alerts left behind. Can these be cleaned, and
if so,
| how?
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| Michael...
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