[Snort-users] BASE performance

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Mon Feb 21 18:20:30 EST 2005

Can you tell us what optimizing the MySQL database might be, and the

I do understand that when the alerts are deleted, at least with ACID there
are some remains of the alerts left behind. Can these be cleaned, and if so,

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> On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 11:55:28AM -0700, Willy, Andrew wrote:
> >We're using BASE / Apache / Snort / MySQL on Win 2k, just recently
> >installed.  Many lookups using this front end are very slow, sometimes
> >taking 30-50 seconds to load. Our database is new and not very large.
> >Processor (1ghz) utilization is between %0 and %3.  The inital home pages
> >loads quickly, it's only lookups that crawl.
> On the front page, how many total alerts does it report? For databases
> processor is largely irrelevant--how much RAM do you have? Have you done
> any mysql tuning?
> Mike Stone
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