[Snort-users] Remote sensor startup issue.

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Wed Feb 16 02:19:31 EST 2005

--On 15 February 2005 08:12 -0500 mdpeters 
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> Are you suggesting that a remote Snort sensor can not send alerts to a
> central Snort MySQL system?

It can, but as it's not multithreaded, if the database slows down, snort 
will start dropping (i.e. ignoring, rather than blocking) traffic.

> It seems to me that all I need to do is resolve the startup malfunction.
> It logs just fine when I manually fire
> the remote sensor up.
> I have no experience with Barnyard. Would I run a MySQL database on the
> sensor and use Barnyard to send alerts to the central system?

No. Snort logs to a unified log file, barnyard picks up new entries and 
sends them to the database server. The database server and barnyard can be 
on the same host, or different hosts. Barnyard and Snort must be on the 
same machine (unless you use NFS or something to share out the log 
director... ewwww...)

To return to your original problem, though, what user is attempting to 
start snort at system boot? Do they have read access to all the snort 
config files? What error messages are given? (they might be in 
/var/log/messages or similar).

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