[Snort-users] SNORT Newbie

joel at ...13033... joel at ...13033...
Sun Feb 13 20:05:22 EST 2005


I'm a total and complete newbie to Snort.  I know your level of knowledge is
WAY over my head.  But I've got a concern and I'm hoping you can help
explain something to me

I use Kerio Firewall w/ AVG anti-virus on my computer.  It appears that
Kerio uses Snort to prevent intrusions or something like that.

When I click on "Intrusions" within the Kerio program, and then click on the
details of the "High Priority Intrusions" and the "IDS details" window comes
up listing "Attacks" and "Class".  IE

Attack					Class
BACKDOOR Trojan active Whackjob	successful-user

It's a rather long list, with most of the trojans being classed as
"successful-user".  What is this telling me?


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