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Winpcap does work with 'Windoze'. You are apparently not installing WinPcap
correctly. Use the add/Remove applet to remove WinPcap, reboot, and then
install WinPcap.


The above does work with all versions of 'Windoze' in conjunction with the
latest version of 'Snort'.

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Hi all,

i tried to find some clue over the net and thoroughly
thru the snorg website; i have the impression that
snort doesn't and won't have support for the latest
winpcap driver, as ethereal and nmap does (i know, i
could use linux instead of windoze, but you try to
convince my boss!)

There was hint that snort 2.3 should integrate the
latest winpcap, but it doesn't seem so : i have the
"Entry Point for PacketNetGetInfo" trouble if i'm not
using v3.0 of winpcap...

Anybody knows of a workaround or what's to come with
snort ?

Have fun.



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