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go to snort source directory then 
./configure --prefix=/opt/snort OR ./configure --prefix=/opt/snort
--with-mysql for mysql support 
make install
copy the etc folder from your snort source to the /opt/snort/etc folder
copy the rules folder from your snort source to the /opt/snort/rules
configure the snort.conf file to your needs. it should work in default
mode for most people.
run as follows:
/opt/snort/bin/snort -c /opt/snort/etc/snort.conf -i eth0
or for wirless
/opt/snort/bin/snort -c /opt/snort/etc/snort.conf -i ath0 but this needs
wireless support from snort-2.1.1 and patches see
<http://www.snort-wireless.org/> http://www.snort-wireless.org/
the look at your logs in /var/log/snort and/or look at your mysql tables
to see logged data.

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How do I get it to work without PHP?







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Hi there,


I am new to Snort IDS too.


the answer to your question is NO. you will only need to have PHP and
ACID/BASE installed for frontend access.




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Do I have to have php running to get snort IDS working?

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