[Snort-users] Looking to update rules in remote locations securely

Bob Konigsberg bobkberg at ...12746...
Wed Feb 9 18:10:04 EST 2005

I've got some snort systems in remote locations that need to pick up a set
of rules from my central system via scp (secure copy).

I've asked such questions before and been advised in various ways on how to
set up certificates and such to automate the process - and had no luck.  I'm
sure it's just one or two things that I'm missing, but I've spent a lot of
time with not much progress, and I NEED progress.  I've also tried Expect
scripts and gotten nowhere with those as well.

Hopefully what I'm doing is not a No-No here...

To my point: I'd be quite happy to PAY some one a fair consulting rate ($75
an hour max, hopefully) who will walk me through this process to completion
within a few hours (4 hours max) to where I can reproduce it at will.

I will then document this procedure with steps and screen shots and offer it
back to the group (or anyone else for that matter).

Only the serious need reply.  If I'm violating a group protocol, then I'd
appreciate if the moderator(s) would advise me of that as well.  But, since
I'm looking for detailed, follow-through information, it seems unreasonable
to expect that for free.



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