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The truthful answer is this: the rules are set up to meet the needs of *most* users. If the rule doesn't fit your needs, then make a modified copy of it and stick it in your local.rules file.
Don't expect snort to completely match your needs right out of the box. Most of us have spent weeks/months setting up custom rules, thresholds, and the like to make snort work in our environments.  
Chris Vaughan
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I ahve a question for security admins here.
Our client performed an internal port scan using super scan on their internal network.When i say internal network i mean private network LAN.
Our snort sensor didnt catch any of it the whole port scan and aftre doing some diggging i saw the scan.rules file and saw that it is checking all inbound 
port scans like $external any-->$Home Network 
Now the client is questioning us as to why this should not be checked both ways..he is saying if it is somebody in their network doing a port scan it will go unnoticed.
can anybody answer this?

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