[Snort-users] Snort rules

Hugo hchlai at ...2792...
Tue Feb 8 10:40:26 EST 2005

May be if you can explain in a bit more detail of what do you mean by "enabling rules for inside", we can help a bit more. However in general, the path of snort.conf is set at the Snort startup script, so as long as you set the right path, you should be good to go.


sEc nErD <umkcguy1978 at ...131...> wrote:

>I am going through the rules file for snort sensor when i see in the /etc/snort directory 
>i see the snort.conf,snort.conf.inside and snort.conf.outside
>could anybody tell me how these are hierarchial
>like if i want to see rules enabled for inside does the snort.conf.inside is the file i look for or is it the other 
>how is snort.conf related or hierarchiaised with snort.conf.outside or snort.conf.inside
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