[Snort-users] Snort Install for monitoring 5 interfaces?

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Tue Feb 8 07:23:11 EST 2005

Hi LEon,Thanks for your reply.Ok right now i have set it up in a test lab enviornment and its listening on one interface.I am still not clear what i would have to do for listening on 5 different interfaces???
i have the acid up and running just not contacting the mysql database but tht i will struggle and work around,but i do need to understand the part for 5 interfaces...could you please detail on thzt

Leon Ward <leon at ...9950...> wrote:
Sorry if this is a bit quick, but in a rush.

snort needs to connect to a single interface on start-up, this leaves
you with two options.
A) Have multiple snort instances running bound to each interface.
- This will allow you to customise the configuration for each, I assume
you will want to protect different things on the DMZ compared to the
B) Team the interfaces together so you can attach snort to interface

Take a look at the following link, it may answer a few questions (I'm a
debian man myself)

Hope the above helps.


On Sun 2005-02-06 at 06:04 -0800, sEc nErD wrote:
> hi all,
> We ahve to install snort on a box running fedora.
> And this snort is supposed to listen on 5 interfaces 
> inside pix,outside pix and 3 dmz's.
> could anyone give some precautions and pointers for
> the install to be taken since its going to listen on 5
> interfaces .Right now am building the box from scratch
> by putting in network cards and installing fedora on
> it ,any precuation on that stage??
> thanks all in advance
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