[Snort-users] Performance: Streaming Media

Chris Keladis chris at ...6400...
Fri Feb 4 13:12:26 EST 2005

Jose Maria Lopez wrote:

> El vie, 04 de 02 de 2005 a las 23:05, Rudi Starcevic escribió:
>>I have a Linux machine which does mostly www service and port forwarding 
>>for mms service ( Window Media Server )
>>If I install snort on the the Linux machine do you think the filtering 
>>of packets will affect the forwarding for streaming media ?
> The answer to your question depends on the rules you have,
> the preprocessors you use and much more things. Best you
> can do it's try it and do your own measures. That's the
> only way to see if it affects your traffic or not.

Also, if your not interested in Snort seeing the streaming media, 
affecting performance, you could exclude it via a BPF filter. (see snort 
man page).

But Jose is right, there are many variables as to if it will impact your 
server or not.



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