[Snort-users] snort 2.3.0 on solaris 9 crash

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Hans -

The quick fix is to either use a older version of Snort, or comment out the "sfportscan" lines in your "snort.conf" file.

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hi all 

as i already found in the archive, i can only approve, that snort
version 2.3.0 crashes on solaris 9 plattforms. 
my hw is a sun v240 with ultrasparc-3 proc.
therfore, interface are bge with 10/100/1000 
and bge2 is connected to a 100mbit cisco-switch with a monitor-port.

monitoring normal traffic snort runs several hours. 
for test-reasons i did run nessus against the snorting host.
( from an other sun-box ) 
running snort in a "while true do"-loop 
snort crashes and restarts abount 20 times in the first 
seconds of the nessus-job. 

yesterday i did install the latest 9-recommended patch&security 
cluster and recompile snort, as the kernel was old from 11/04, but 
the os-version has no effect on the problem. 
and the server is running absolutly stable. 

best regards 


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