[Snort-users] Snort with SingleStream device?

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We are more partial to Net Optics, we've had tremendous success with them,
recently deploying over 23 Snort IDS agents with the Net Optics 10/100 Port
Aggregator. Net Optics out of all the taps we've reviewed are the only ones
that offer circuit-level passive tapping that provides zero delay when the
power is cut. We pulled the power cord on the tap and experienced absolutely
no packet loss or delay while running Snort in sniffer mode.

The Port Aggregators allow you to no longer have to do port bonding in Linux
on a Snort sensor, eliminating having to waste a second NIC. The Port Aggs
bond the A and B ports together in to a single monitoring port on the Tap.

More information:


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Anyone have experience using Snort in with a full duplex tap like the
SingleStream Tap
If so, how well did it work out for you?  Thanks for the insight!

 J.P. Garcia
 Network Engineer
 Network Advocates, Inc
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