[Snort-users] Bonding or bridging two subnets

Robert Welz welz at ...13668...
Wed Dec 28 04:48:04 EST 2005

Now everythig becomes confusing. First my original posting had an immediate reply (not 
to the list but to me privately) in french which I didn't understand. I thoght the 
message was rejected due to some unicode / iso charset mismatch. It looked really 
wiered, especially if you don't speak a single word french. especially not 

Then barryab63 answered me (thx barryab63!), but to my private postbox and to the list 
but I replied to him and not to the list.

To get things back on track I post my second question here again.

barryab63-ia at ...131... wrote:
 > I don't think you'll want to bond or bridge the two interfaces in the case you 
describe.  I think you'll want to run multiple instances of snort, one for each of the 
two interfaces you want to monitor.  If you installed via RPM on SUSE I think you can 
do this by changing the settings in the /etc/sysconfig/snort file.  You just tell it 
which interfaces you want snort to monitor and it pretty much takes care of everything 
for you.
 > Barry

Runnig two processes of snort on the same machine has more computing costs than 
running one process? I have 3 Gigabit (although 32Bit cards) which I want to observe. 
Will my 2.6 GHZ Celeron be enough? I plan logging to a different machine though.

SquirrelMail looks wired with unicode

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Thunderbird yeah!

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[Snort-users] Bonding or bridging two subnets
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