[Snort-users] Bonding or bridging two subnets

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Not to sure about the processor, I've found memory to be more of a limiting factor when running multiple instances of snort.  It is a good idea to have it logging to another box.
If you use bonding on the interfaces they basically become 1 virtual interface, you wouldn't be able to address the 2 interfaces separately anymore.  So, I don't think that will work for what you've described.
I'd suggest trying the multiple instances and see how it works.  You make get some packet lost if you run low on processor or memory.  In which case you'd have to look at trying something else.

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> Robert,
> First, lets try to head something off before it gets started.  It's not a good idea to post the same question twice, especially within minutes of each other.  This is a free support and it can take time to get answers.  Some people get very irritated about this.
> I don't think you'll want to bond or bridge the two interfaces in the case you describe.  I think you'll want to run multiple instances of snort, one for each of the two interfaces you want to monitor.  If you installed via RPM on SUSE I think you can do this by changing the settings in the /etc/sysconfig/snort file.  You just tell it which interfaces you want snort to monitor and it pretty much takes care of everything for you.
> Barry
Thank you. I have had an immediate response from anjah at ...13671... which made me 
thought my message was rejected becourse of using utf-8 (unicode) as charset. It took 
some time to figure out that it was an automated "We are on holliday" or something 
like that. I speak no french.

I apologise for that.

Runnig two processes of snort on the same machine has more computing costs than 
running one process? I have 3 Gigabit (although 32Bit cards) which I want to observe. 
Will my 2.6 GHZ Celeron be enough? I plan logging to a different machine though.

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