[Snort-users] Bonding or bridging two subnets

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First, lets try to head something off before it gets started.  It's not a good idea to post the same question twice, especially within minutes of each other.  This is a free support and it can take time to get answers.  Some people get very irritated about this.
I don't think you'll want to bond or bridge the two interfaces in the case you describe.  I think you'll want to run multiple instances of snort, one for each of the two interfaces you want to monitor.  If you installed via RPM on SUSE I think you can do this by changing the settings in the /etc/sysconfig/snort file.  You just tell it which interfaces you want snort to monitor and it pretty much takes care of everything for you.

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I do my first steps with snort. I want to run snort on a router+firewall
(SuSE Linux 10) to observe the traffic of my internal network and my DMZ.
Internet is not considered beeing observed.

I have three nics: (==a) (==b)
internet.ip.nnn.nnn (not to be considered)

So snort shall observe the traffic on a) and b).

Shall I bond the two nics together to a virtual interface? Or shall I
simply bridging here?

Thanks for help,

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