[Snort-users] Problem: Win32 v2.4.3 does not start as a Service

Jeff Dell jdell at ...1095...
Mon Dec 26 08:59:03 EST 2005

Question... What are you using for your output? Are you using a Database on
the same server? If so, the problem is probably that Snort is trying to
startup before your DB service is and causing Snort to fail. 


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> Subject: [Snort-users] Problem: Win32 v2.4.3 does not start 
> as a Service
> Could not find any reference on the snort.org site relative 
> to reporting
> a problem, so posting to both the -users and -devel lists.
> Implementation: Snort v2.4.3 on Win XP (all versions) with 
> WinPcap v3.1
> Experience Level: 
> Been around snort since v1.8 days and have had it running 
> just fine as 
> a Service on most Win32 O/S's. I do not have an application 
> development 
> system (or development experience) to diagnose the problem.
> Issue: 
> Snort will not start as a Service (for example after a 
> reboot), however 
> it runs just fine if started manually. Happens on multiple XP 
> systems and 
> has been observed by others (see forums) as well. Viewing the 
> Services 
> list indicates the snort service is properly configured to start 
> "automatically" and log on using the Local System account.
> Indicators: 
> Four event log entries are created following a system reboot.
> 1. Security Log: Event 592 & 593 (process tracking) are 
> created for snort.
> 2. System Log: two events generated including:
>    Event 7000: "The Snort service failed to start due to the following
>    error: The service did not respond to the start or control 
> request in
>    a timely manner."
>    Event 7009: "Timeout (30,000 milliseconds) waiting for the 
> Snort service
>    to connect."
> I am not at all sure whether this is an issue with Snort 
> service code or
> some form of new requirement in Win XP service startup code. 
> Several systems
> seem to be restarting correctly on Win 2k Pro and Win 2k 
> Server, however
> these systems are also running pre-v2.4.3 snort code and 
> cannot be upgrade
> at this time.
> Consistency: 
> Snort v2.4.3 on any Win XP system will "always" fail to start 
> following a 
> reboot. A manual start via the Services control panel will 
> "always" be 
> successful, and, a "net start snort" from the command line 
> will always be 
> successful. All other services on these systems start normally.
> References: 
> Microsoft's site suggests: "Within a specified time period 
> after a new 
> service starts, it notifies Service Control Manager (SCM) 
> that it is ready 
> to connect. In this case, the service did not notify SCM 
> within the time 
> period." (Thus generating event 7009.)
> Other Observations:
> 1. Typical Win32 system has 512 meg ram with WinPcap v3.1
> 2. After manually starting the snort service, task manager indicates
>    over 150 meg of available memory.
> 3. After manually starting the snort service, all alerts and 
> log entries
>    occur properly.
> 4. The snort service was installed following the examples 
> displayed when
>    executing "snort -?" from the command line.
> 5. Executing "snort /service /show" indicates the service was properly
>    installed with all appropriate startup parameters.
> Best Guess:
> The two events in the security log suggest the snort service 
> was actually
> starting, however the events in the system log indicate a 
> timeout. Since
> the "process events" (security log) do occur, presumably 
> snort is starting
> and suppose to pass a message or call the services control 
> manager (or maybe 
> return some value) indicating to the services control manager 
> that it has 
> started. It would appear this second step is not occurring.
> Some possibility exists the snort code is using the name "snortsvc" in
> some code and "snort" in other services code. Executing "sc 
> query snortsvc"
> from a command line indicates:
>   State: 1 stopped
>            (not-stoppable, not_pausable, ignores_shutdown)
> with no other hints. The above _might_ be related to not 
> registering the
> snort service properly, differences in service names, 
> incorrect parameters,
> etc. Not sure.
> If I can provide any other information regarding the problem/symptom,
> please contact me.
> If there is a better location to report this problem, please 
> let me know.
> Rich Adamson
> radamson at ...2127...
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