[Snort-users] Snort doubt

Chas Tomlin cet at ...11331...
Thu Dec 15 01:15:00 EST 2005

If you'd like to try out a version of snort with IPv6 support give this
modified version a go;


It has been modified by Ken Renard whom you should contact with any bugs
etc. It would be really nice if the official snort version had IPv6
support sometime soon? What d'ya think Marty???


Chas Tomlin

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>Hi Caceres,
>> What the Snort's state of art about IPv6 support?
>> Can Snort identify IPv6 attacks attempts in the network?
>not yet... A long time ago Marty released a beta (or alpha)
>version of snort supporting IPv6. But it was more a framework
>than an usable system.
>The actual version of snort is only IPv4 capable, IPv6 packets
>are only counted.
>> I searched in the Snort.org page and I discovered that IPv6 appears
>> Static's. I find to, that exists at least 3 rules for IPv6 (ICMP IPV6
>> I-Am-Here, ICMP IPV6 I-Am-Here undefined code, ICMP IPV6
>> IPV6 Where-Are-You undefined code) intrusion detection.
>This are IPv4 ICMP messages regarding to an original IPv6 packet. So
>this works for snort...
>Best regards
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