[Snort-users] Snort doubt

Caceres mailing at ...13661...
Tue Dec 13 09:39:03 EST 2005

Hi, I have some questions that need the Snort users' knowledge.

What the Snort's state of art about IPv6 support?
Can Snort identify IPv6 attacks attempts in the network?

I searched in the Snort.org page and I discovered that IPv6 appears in Snort
Static's. I find to, that exists at least 3 rules for IPv6 (ICMP IPV6
I-Am-Here, ICMP IPV6 I-Am-Here undefined code, ICMP IPV6 Where-Are-You, ICMP
IPV6 Where-Are-You undefined code) intrusion detection.

It is possible to use Snort to protect IPv6 and IPv4 Networks the same way?

Thanks in advance,
Paulo Ferreira

mailing at ...13661...

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