[Snort-users] Sticky-drop

Will Metcalf william.metcalf at ...11827...
Wed Dec 7 15:54:00 EST 2005

We are hoping to have snort_inline-2.4.3 out before the end of the
year....  Below is a link to an RC from last month sometime.  There
are about three people who work on snort_inline on a consistent basis.
 A lot of the time real life stuff gets in the way of us getting
releases out, as we work on this just for fun. See the
snort_inline.conf in etc/ and the README.INLINE/ in doc/ for more
information on sticky-drop.



On 12/7/05, Patrick Walsh <pwalsh at ...13543...> wrote:
> > >     Any thoughts on how I can get my hands on or learn more about
> > > sticky-drop?
> > I think you are talking about sdrop?
>         I'm familiar with sdrop.  My question is in response to this post from
> Will earlier today:
> > sticky-drop in snort-inline can do this.  You could probably
> > accomplish the same thing with Snortsam In InlineMode(); but I haven't
> > tried it.
>         By which I assume that sticky-drop drops the connection and also drops
> future connections from the target IP.
>         And then there's this posting by Will from 3/30/05:
> > The IPS functionality drops or rejects induvidual packets, unless you
> > are using the sticky-drop preprocessor from snort_inline-2.3.0-RC1 and
> > tell it otherwise.
>         I did find some related preprocessor files in the
> snort_inline-2.3.0-RC1 tree, but those files don't exist in the 2.4.3
> tree, nor can I find any documentation on exactly what they do or how to
> make use of them...
>         Anyone know what this is about or if it works or is supported
> somewhere?
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