[Snort-users] Sticky-drop

G Ramon Gomez gene at ...13522...
Wed Dec 7 08:01:03 EST 2005

Hi Patrick,
With regards to this particular issue, one thing that caught me when I 
started using RSTs was that the packets get sent using the routing 
table.  In my case I had a stealth bridging firewall that I had set up 
with flexresp, but found that, although Snort was listening on br0 (eth1 
+ eth2, no IPs assigned), RST packets were being emitted on eth0 (my 
management interface, where my only IP was assigned).  As a result, my 
stateful firewalls on the management network were dropping the packets.
Double-check that the RSTs are being sent out the interface you think 
they're going out through.

- Ramon

Patrick Walsh wrote:

>	Also, are there any known bugs with connection resets?  I think the
>reset packets may not be getting sent to both ends of the connection or
>else might not have the proper source port set.

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