[Snort-users] Snort to monitor several servers

G Ramon Gomez gene at ...13522...
Mon Dec 5 08:19:26 EST 2005

Wouldn't a possible solution be to install Snort on each server then 
have them all report to a central database?
 From your wording, it almost sounds like you're trying to provide 
protection to individual servers using a NIDS installed on each system.  
You may be better off using a HIDS like Samhain to provide individual 
system protection with NIDS at a few network choke-points, and 
centralize all of the logging using something like Prelude.

- Ramon

Jacob Friis Saxberg wrote:

>Is it possible to have a Nagios like setup of Snort?
>We have several servers that all need Snort.
>How could we solve this in an intelligent way?

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