[Snort-users] trouble with pmgraph

Larry Wichman larrywichman at ...131...
Tue Aug 30 08:50:15 EDT 2005

Howdy y'all
I am having some trouble with graphing the perfmance monitor preprocessor data, I am using the pmgraph.pl script. The preprocessor seems to be working fine, I have data in the text file. I installed RRDtools and I run the script and get the following output:
[root at ...274... pmgraph-0.00000003]# ./pmgraph.pl /root /root/localhost.txt
Processing data from "/root/localhost.txt".
Got stats from 1 CPU
Creating temporary RRD database.
Inserting values into temporary RRD database.
Generating images and /root/perfstats.html.
The problem is that there are is no data in the output file. only the followng:
Graphs generated: 2005-08-30 10:08:55 (CDT)
First entry in input file: 2005-08-24 11:13:28 (CDT)
Last entry in input file: 2005-08-30 10:06:48 (CDT)
Any ideas why the graphs are not showing up? I have reinstalled RRDtools again and I am pretty confident I installed everything correctly. Any help is appreciated. Cheers. 

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