[Snort-users] FC4 and RHEL4 binaries?

Patrick Harper patrick at ...4250...
Mon Aug 29 07:18:30 EDT 2005

By binary I am assuming that you are talking about an RPM or other package
format.  If you compile from source then it will work great on whatever you
compile it on, and you get to make your own binary.   There is a guide for
CentOS 4, and RHEL 4 on the snort.org site that can walk you through that
and configuration.  I am working on an updated guide for the new versions of
base and snort that I will send in soon.

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Are there any reasons that a RedHat Enterprise kernel is *less capable* to 
detect intrusion attempt than a fedora kernel?

My logic for thinking this is perhaps redhat deliberately turns features off

of the enterprise kernel that just doesn't make sense in a production 
running server.  Even CentOS for that matter.

I'm new on the list, but is there a FC4 binary in the works?

-eric wood 

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