[Snort-users] IPtables QUEUE performance numbers from Ixia

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Thu Aug 25 12:40:07 EDT 2005

Will Metcalf asked if anyone had done this sort of testing.

The server is a dual opteron 875 dual-core (2.2gHz, 1Mb L2), Tyan
S2895KWE (2 x16 full-speed PCIE).  Two SysKonnect PCI-E NICs, the
SK-9E22.  One RAID-0 disk subsystem (hdparm -t reports 105MB on
average), memory is crucial, whatever the max speed memory for this
thing is.

Kernel is and/or -- no differences in performance.

The software is Ixia ixChariot, the endpoints are very fast devices that
will sustain 980Mbps bridged through this box all day long with very
little variation.

So, some numbers:

IPtables QUEUE, full ruleset of about 2700 or so - no PCRE:

Avg: 273.299
Min: 270.270
Max: 275.862

IPtables QUEUE, zero ruleset of 0 rules:

Avg: 388.389
Min: 284.698
Max: 400.00

One other thing that is kind of not progressing any more due to the
NFQUEUE work being done for future kernels is the divert sockets for
linux (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ipdivert).  Some numbers from that:

DIVERT, full ruleset of about 2700 or so - no PCRE (same as above, in
fact same binary as above):

Avg: 312.940
Min: 162.602
Max: 331.95

DIVERT, no rules:

Avg: 414.910
Min: 139.130
Max: 484.849

Hope this helps - let me know if you have any questions or need more
information.  Happy to provide.

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