[Snort-users] Help newb understand how Snort is supposed to run.

Patrick Harper patrick at ...4250...
Thu Aug 25 00:09:08 EDT 2005

The init script is in the dir that you un-tar'd the snort source in.  Or a
better one in my opinion is at http://www.ntsug.org/downloads/snort  it was
written by our own wonderful Paul Schmehl of the NTSUG group www.ntsug.org
and of UTD fame.

The doc for CentOS, RHEL, and FC is a pretty good starting point, but I may
be a little biased in that thinking.  I will be updating it for all the
latest versions and adding an oinkmaster, barnyard, and sguil doc to the mix
to it starting this week.

Also, anyone in the Dallas area that wants to learn more about rules free up
Saturday the 10th of September for the NTSUG meeting.  David Thomason of
Sourcefire will be giving a talk the subject, more info to be found at
http://www.ntsug.org/meetings.html, hope to see ya there. 

Patrick S. Harper | CISSP RHCT MCSE

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Patrick Harper <mailto:patrick at ...4250...>
    on Wednesday, August 24, 2005 2:52 PM said:

> What are you expecting to do with the data and what are you going got
> use to analyze it? just wanted to make sure you have thought about
> it.

My intent is to get a better idea of what kind of traffic is traversing
my network. I don't know what kind of attacks I'm on the look out for
but I was hoping Snort would let me know (using the rule files). Of
course I expect to learn more as I go along.

> If you want to log binary then throw the right switch's, use the
> init script to crank it up on boot.

Where is the init script and what is it? I did 'locate init|grep snort'
but didn't get anything back.

> I would suggest trying mysql and
> base to get used to it, Sguil if you want more in depth analysis of
> your packets.  But you need a little more configuration.

At the suggestion of another user (off list) I am trying to get it to
work with MySQL and ACID (so far so good but I'm not quite done yet).

> There are
> guides on snort.org for most OS's and config types, they will help
> you with what files go where

I'm going through the ACID and MySQL setup doc right now.

> , and the mailing list is probably the
> best place to get faster answers.

Good. :)


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