[Snort-users] Help newb understand how Snort is supposed to run.

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Wed Aug 24 14:56:16 EDT 2005

What are you expecting to do with the data and what are you going got use to
analyze it?  just wanted to make sure you have thought about it.  If you
want to log binary then throw the right switch's, use the init script to
crank it up on boot.  I would suggest trying mysql and base to get used to
it, Sguil if you want more in depth analysis of your packets.  But you need
a little more configuration.  There are guides on snort.org for most OS's
and config types, they will help you with what files go where, and the
mailing list is probably the best place to get faster answers.

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I left a post in the forum but so far no one has answered and I prefer
mailing lists anyway so here I am.

I've succesfully 'make install'ed Snort but about whether or not it's
actually installed. I can run it from the command line with something
simple like 'snort -v' but the reason I'm confused is because the only
files I can find that 'make install' put on my system are
/usr/local/bin/snort and /usr/local/man/man8/snort.8. Is this correct?

I thought maybe there should be /etc/snort.conf or /etc/snort/* or
something like that. I see that the directory I unpacked the Snort
.tar.gz in has an ./etc directory. Should I copy all those files into
/etc? Not seeing anything in /etc about Snort I put the rules I
downloaded in there at /etc/snort/.

I imagine it should be run as a daemon but I've never set something like
that up (except for software that comes as an RPM of course, but that
doesn't really count).

I don't plan to run it with ACID or MySQL. I have a fair amount of HD
space and if I put it into binary mode I think I should be fine with a
weeks worth of data (as long as it does cynlindrical logging or if I can
rotate the log).

What should I do at this point?


p.s. I have version 2.4.0 installed with 2.4.0 community contributed
rules downloaded.

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