[Snort-users] Problem with barnyard 0.2.0 and snort 2.4.0

eric-list-snort-users at ...11523... eric-list-snort-users at ...11523...
Sat Aug 20 12:15:03 EDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-08-20 at 14:08:02 -0500, eric-list-snort-users at ...11523... proclaimed...

> gw1$ /var/qmail/bin/barnyard -c /var/snort/etc/barnyard.conf \
>   -d /var/snort/log -f snort.log -v -v -v -v -v -v

Ok I feel stupid.

I changed -f to snort-unified.log and it looks to be working; however I now
get some sql connect problems. It's not using my entire password...

OpAcidDB configured
  Database Flavour: mysql
  Detail Level: Full
  Database Server:
  Database User: snortu password kk2rlkwjr23lfafwe
Failed to connect to database snortu password
kk2rlkwjr23lfafwe:XXXXXXXX at ...13433.../snort: Access denied for user:
'snortu password kk2rlkwjr2 at ...13434...' (Using password: NO)
Fatal Error, Quitting..

is there a limit on the length of passwords?

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