[Snort-users] Bleeding Rules not detecting

M. Shirk shirkdog_list at ...125...
Fri Aug 19 07:10:13 EDT 2005

Where is the $RULE_PATH variable pointing too...


>From: "Brian Blake" <BBlake at ...8135...>
>To: <snort-users at lists.sourceforge.net>
>Subject: [Snort-users] Bleeding Rules not detecting
>Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 09:44:06 -0400
>To all:
>Until recently the bleeding edge rules worked great, little noisy, but 
>great none the less.  Then, after doing an update about 1 month ago, the 
>alerts stopped showing up.  Due to time constraints I have not been able to 
>troubleshoot this recently.
>Snort Version 2.4
>My snort config:
>var HOME_NET x.x.0.0/22
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-malware.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-virus.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-policy.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-p2p.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-exploit.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-web.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-attack_response.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-dos.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-scan.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-inappropriate.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-custom.rules
>include $RULE_PATH/bleeding-game.rules
>Any ideas as to how to get these to work again?  Or good ways to test them? 
>  My snort-rules emails used to send up false positives, which I am not 
>getting anymore.
>Brian Blake
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