[Snort-users] frag3 configuration

Hin hchlai at ...2792...
Tue Aug 16 08:07:23 EDT 2005

I'm running Snort 2.4.0 as a NIDS in front of a firewall (which also do NAT for my internal machines). Now, I run into a problem when I try to define the frag3_engine preprocessor. It seems the benefits to use frag3 is to turn your IDS into a "target-based IDS" by knowing what machines you are protecting (in this case, the type of OS), but I am managing a huge class B network which is almost impossible to bind IP address to policy type or different OS. I have different OS running everywhere in my network. What's the recommendation out there?
**Note: Due to the network architecture, I'm not able to put up a sensor at each network segment.  

Many thanks!


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