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As our competitor, I can see why you'd be upset about the post.. However, I
was responding to a request posted by Gutemberg to this list for information
on vendors of open source appliances. 

Before I digress, I'll clarify my statement. The Sourcefire Intrusion Agent
doesn't allow the administrator to manage the open source Snort
installations (rulesets, snort.conf, etc.) using the MC -- it aggregates and
pulls in alerts from it. If you want management, you must purchase their

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Hello all,

I need to make a list of appliances that use free software, so I think you
are the guys that can help me. I know that Source Fire is an option, but I
need more alternatives. Can you help me? 

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I thought we were done with the marketing on this list...

> Unlike Sourcefire, we allow you to use the free, open source version 
> of Snort instead of requiring our appliance purchase.

Before you say what a competitor can or can't do in a public forum you
should really check to see if it is true.

From: http://www.sourcefire.com/products/is_agent.html

The Sourcefire Intrusion Agent allows open source Snort users to do more
than just detect intrusions; it enables a single Sourcefire Defense Center
to aggregate event information from one or more Snort sensors alongside data
from Sourcefire Intrusion Sensors and Sourcefire RNA sensors.



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