[Snort-users] Quick Barnyard question...

Mihai Petre MPetre at ...13266...
Thu Aug 11 13:53:30 EDT 2005

so sguil is only a mysql output for a dbase with a different schema than
the acid/base.
Right ?

Thanks for the clarification

On 08/11/2005 04:46:13 PM Paul Schmehl wrote:
>--On Thursday, August 11, 2005 15:47:21 -0400 Mihai Petre
><MPetre at ...13266...> wrote:
>> two more questions
>> * The sguil output is part of the normal build or the source has to be
>> patched ?
>The sguil plugin is built in to barnyard 0.2.0.  You do not have to patch
>> * The output can be directed to different outputs in the same time ? I
>> mean using mysql and sguil together is it "doable" ?
>If you're going to run sguil, you *must* run mysql.  Sguil uses mysql for
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