[Snort-users] Appliances using free software

Kevin Reiter tux at ...13329...
Thu Aug 11 10:33:49 EDT 2005

Eric Hines wrote:
> Gutemberg,
> Here at Applied Watch we have a Snort-based appliance and software
> alternative allowing you to use our Software Agents to manage snort.org
> installations. Unlike Sourcefire, we allow you to use the free, open source
> version of Snort instead of requiring our appliance purchase.
> We can set up a webinar to demo our product to you or you can download the
> Dashboard at our web site and connect to our demo server we have set up. Let
> me know if you need any further information. I've attached our brochure as
> well.
> We support Snort, Snort-Inline, LaBrea Tarpit, Syslog-NG, and the Nessus
> vulnerability scanner. Our latest 3.0 Guardian release will allow you to
> schedule and execute Nessus scans on-demand with limitless number of IP
> addresses. It will also inform you of newly added IP addresses to the
> network or hosts that have been removed since the last scan. You can also
> mark vulnerabilities in the Nessus reports as false positives and correlate
> that vulnerability information with the Snort events.
> You can download all our software at https://my.appliedwatch.com

Your SSL cert is for/from "SomeOrganization" ?

> Best Regards,
> Eric Hines, GCIA, CISSP
> CEO, President, Chairman
> Applied Watch Technologies, LLC
> 1095 Pingree Rd.
> Suite 213
> Crystal Lake, IL 60014
> Tel: (877) 262-7593 e:327
> Fax: (877) 262-7593
> Mob: (847) 456-6785
> Web: http://www.appliedwatch.com

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