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Here at Applied Watch we have a Snort-based appliance and software
alternative allowing you to use our Software Agents to manage snort.org
installations. Unlike Sourcefire, we allow you to use the free, open source
version of Snort instead of requiring our appliance purchase.

We can set up a webinar to demo our product to you or you can download the
Dashboard at our web site and connect to our demo server we have set up. Let
me know if you need any further information. I've attached our brochure as

We support Snort, Snort-Inline, LaBrea Tarpit, Syslog-NG, and the Nessus
vulnerability scanner. Our latest 3.0 Guardian release will allow you to
schedule and execute Nessus scans on-demand with limitless number of IP
addresses. It will also inform you of newly added IP addresses to the
network or hosts that have been removed since the last scan. You can also
mark vulnerabilities in the Nessus reports as false positives and correlate
that vulnerability information with the Snort events.

You can download all our software at https://my.appliedwatch.com

Best Regards,

Eric Hines, GCIA, CISSP
CEO, President, Chairman
Applied Watch Technologies, LLC
1095 Pingree Rd.
Suite 213
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Tel: (877) 262-7593 e:327
Fax: (877) 262-7593
Mob: (847) 456-6785
Web: http://www.appliedwatch.com
Enterprise Snort Management at http://www.appliedwatch.com.
Security Information Management for the Open Source Enterprise.

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Hello all,

I need to make a list of appliances that use free software, so I think you
are the guys that can help me. I know that Source Fire is an option, but I
need more alternatives. Can you help me? 

You can help me free my network a little more!! :)


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