[Snort-users] BandWidth question

Bob Konigsberg bobkberg at ...12746...
Tue Aug 9 16:21:44 EDT 2005

As Matt already pointed out, Snort is not a good tool for this.

Personally, I'd recommend a periodically changing tcpdump capture file
(hourly for example), followed by a script written in PERL (or possibly AWK)
to format, extract, and identify the information you're looking for.  The
only fly in the ointment would be encrypted emails.

(In actuality, I'd wonder why you're bothering - but that's not my problem -
I'm just addressing your query)

Depending on your space requirements, you could either write the tcpdump
file in binary (to save space) and parse it that way (more difficult), or
just have tcpdump read the binary file, and pipe the output to your script.
Then delete the capture files when you're done with them - or - if you have
a need to keep a certain amount of archive, then use a shell script to keep
track of what's been written, read, and kept for the right period of time
before deleting.  

Unless you're looking for something horribly difficult, this approach should
work fine.


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Hello there,
I need to analyze all e-mail traffic looking for specific words/sentences
and dump to disk all messages matching those criteria.
On an average P4 3.2 mhz what is the ipotetic bandwidth limit (in megabits)?


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