[Snort-users] Doubt

Alex Butcher, ISC/ISYS Alex.Butcher at ...11254...
Mon Aug 8 04:43:07 EDT 2005

--On 05 August 2005 23:51 +0530 "Ks, Mithun (GE Commercial Finance, 
non-GE)" <Mithun.Ks at ...9384...> wrote:

> Os is Linux, DB is mysql.
> DB runs in application layer of OS .... is any problem in DB will it
> cause OS to hang....

We really need to see what gets logged to /var/log/messages before the 
crash, but I'll hazard a guess that a) you've got a buggy kernel that's 
croaking under load b) you've got way too little memory and the system is 
just /very/ slow from swapping or c) you've got broken hardware; most 
likely RAM, disc, or memory controller in that order.

If you suspect c) run memtest+ or memtest86 on the system for a day or so 
and see if any faults are logged.

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