[Snort-users] Doubt

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Fri Aug 5 12:13:49 EDT 2005

Ks, Mithun (GE Commercial Finance, non-GE) wrote:
> Os is Linux, DB is mysql.
> DB runs in application layer of OS .... is any problem in DB will it cause OS to hang....
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> Ks, Mithun (GE Commercial Finance, non-GE) wrote:
>>Hi ,
>>Please help me in this doubt.
>>When we started running snort after 24 hours system will hang and we need to reboot manually to be UP.
>>But when we try stopping snort service and restart machine it is working fine for long days.
>>The problem occurs only when the snort service starts .
>>Could any one tell me where to check for this problem and how to resolve this issue.
> What OS?  What DB?  It would help if you provided more details about the
> platform Snort is running on...
> -Kevin

As Patrick stated earlier, what do your logs tell you?  Is Snort running
automagically when the system starts, or do you start it manually?  What
configuration are you using?  Is Snort dumping binary files to Barnyard or
logging straight to MySQL?  What distro of Linux?

Please provide more details so we know what kind of setup you have.  The
more details you provide, the better help you will receive.  One-word
answers won't cut it.

And please don't top-post - it makes it difficult for others to follow the


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