[Snort-users] Re:Snort2.3 Installation Problems

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Fri Apr 29 05:22:58 EDT 2005

I've run into the same problem on SuSE 9.2 (see original post about
missing libpcap.so.0.8.3). Thanks for the "helpful" suggestion of:

"Good idea.
 We only compile from source.
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 May be just get and install Snort from source?"

...But why then have the .rpm?  Has anyone found an *actual answer* to
the problem since this thread in January?

(Here's the original post: 

> Happy New Year!
 > I"ve got a dual Opteron box running Fedora Core 2 64. I"m trying to
 > install Snort 2.3 rpm, but I get dependency problems. Specifically, it
 > keeps asking for libpcap.so.0.8.3 and libpcre.so.0. I"ve installed
 > libpcap.0.8.3 from a tarball, and pcre 5 from a tarball, but I"m still
 > getting the same dependency message.
 > Any ideas?
 > Thanks.
 > George A. Laiacona III
 > Systems Manager
 > Aiken County Government
 > 803 642 1594

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