[Snort-users] Fedora Core Linux 3 -- Snort IDS

Gregory D Hough mr6re9 at ...6025...
Thu Apr 28 07:36:51 EDT 2005

Pradeep Aswani wrote:

> I tried all the options , but without any avail, I am
>able to browse & connect to Internet from my Linux box
>& able to ping the Gateway,
>but as per above the Error 256 has something to do
>with Name resolution.
>Can anybody please help me in this scenario.
>Thanks & Regards
I use up2date for key retrieval initially and then stick with yum. Yum 
is quirky from time to time but I've brought my machines up2date with it 
and you can too. Try following these simple steps:

1) Start fresh by flushing out your possibly corrupted cache:
[root at ...13288... ~]# yum clean all

2) See if you can get a complete list of what is available for update:
[root at ...13288... ~]# yum check-update

3) Get the updated yum package and nothing else:
[root at ...13288... ~]# yum update yum (NOTE-If headers are slow to download 
from a particular mirror, so too will the packages! If so, answer NO 
when yum asks for confirmation "Is this OK? [y/N]" and try again 
beginning with [root at ...13288... ~]# yum clean cache)

4) Grab only a handful of packages at a time keeping in mind that when 
headers come in slowly, so will the packages from that mirror. Clean yum 
frequently (see #1) and avoid the one-liner update for the whole system. 
If all this fails you may want to direct your questions to the 
appropriate list or distribution specific user forum.

Best of Luck,

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