[Snort-users] Snort 2.3.3 and mysql logging

Adam Kennedy akennedy at ...8498...
Thu Apr 28 07:05:03 EDT 2005

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It's our firewall box. Has three nic's in it. First is our public
internet NIC (with snort running on it), second is our internal, and
third is our DMZ.

I'm mostly just trying to catch hits on that box itself since everything
on our network goes through that server in order to function.

Matt Jonkman wrote:
| Is any data making it to the interface snort is monitoring? Are you on a
| hub, or a mirror port, tap, etc?
| Matt
| Adam Kennedy wrote:
|> Ok, call me stupid.
|> I modified my snort.conf file and added the output database: line.
|> MySQL is version 4.0.23a
|> Snort is 2.3.3
|> I ran the create_mysql which created the tables just fine, but no data
|> gets put into them. I also enabled nearly every rule file in snort.conf
|> Likewise, when i ctrl-c out of snort, the Alerts is zero under Action
|> Stats, but Logged has several thousand listed. I'm so confused.
|> I'm using the rules from the 2.3.3 rules/ in the tarball with no
|> modifications.
|> Any ideas?

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