[Snort-users] Rogue system detection

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Tue Apr 26 09:46:30 EDT 2005

Well, a starting point might be to use an SNMP utility to dump the arp cache
on the local router....
I use getarp.exe from NetLatency.com's download page
It runs from a windows command line window, and so can be tied in to other


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Hello All,


I have a question that's not necessarily a snort thing, but I have no idea
what other list to ask, so here goes.  What are people using out there for
rogue system detection?  I'm trying to figure out how to passively detect
when a 'new' system comes online in the local network and possibly detect
the os and such.  I imagine the tool would have to be able to match MAC
addresses to deal with changing addresses and DHCP, along with report/alert
when something new comes online.  Maybe RNA?


Thanks in advance!


John H.

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