[Snort-users] RE: [Snort-sigs] New OSSRC Mailing List

Jeff Dell jdell at ...1095...
Tue Apr 26 06:58:12 EDT 2005

It looks like this link is bad... Or maybe the server isn't operating
properly? The other lists are on sourceforge... I tried to use sourceforge..
But that didn't work either. Any pointers?


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> Subject: [Snort-sigs] New OSSRC Mailing List
> Sourcefire is pleased to announce a new mailing list, 
> ossrc-intro at ...13283... This list is open to the public, 
> and will 
> not be moderated; users may subscribe via a web interface at 
> https://lists.snort.org/mailman/listinfo/ossrc-intro.
> The purpose of this list is to promote discussion of the Open Source 
> Snort Rules Consortium prior to its official launch, in order to make 
> sure that input from all potentially interested members is heard. New 
> lists will be created as appropriate once the OSSRC is up and 
> operational.
> Any questions, comments, or complaints concerning this list should be 
> directed to Jennifer Steffens (jennifer.steffens at ...1935...).
> Alex Kirk
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> Research Analyst
> Sourcefire, Inc.
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