[Snort-users] "Best of breed" tools for Snort

Tristan RHODES TristanRhodes at ...13277...
Fri Apr 22 08:55:01 EDT 2005

1.  I would like to implement several (around 8) Snort sensors in our

2.  I would like the rulesets/signatures to be updated automatically
(or with a simple manual process).
IDS Policy Manager
SnortCenter2 (What does this do?  I cannot find good documentation on

3.  I would like tools to analyze the data and send alerts.  
SecureMine for Snort  (I wish it was not Windows based)
(Can both of these tools be used on the same data?)

4.  What data architecture is best?  For instance, would it be best to
have a central database server?  Briefly explain the data flows.

5.  What are the best tools for each of these processes?  Any other

6.  Finally, it would be useful if the snort.org website was updated to
include this kind of information.  There is some mention of Snort tools
in the download section, but it is outdated and doesn't include a
synopsis of what each tool does.  Recent information can only be found
by searching the news.


Tristan Rhodes

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