[Snort-users] multiple snort instances and snortcenter

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Wed Apr 20 06:01:53 EDT 2005

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Have you tried shutting down one of the agents and seeing if you can get the first one working correctly?

Any fw running on the snortbox (or polly more appropriate, the snortcenter box)?

John Hally wrote:
> Hello All,
> Is anyone managing multiple snort instances on one server with
> snortcenter?  I've tried to do this a couple of different ways with no
> success.  Essentially I have a system running two instances that monitor
> the two legs of a tap (inbound/outbound) and I figured I'd just have to
> install separate snortcenter agents running on different ports, but even
> though I can connect to those agents directly with a browser,
> snortcenter can't.  I even added separate ip addresses to the mgmt nic
> (virtuals) and still they show up red.  I'm curious if anyone else has
> attempted this and got it to work.
> Thanks in advance!

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