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> Actually, the ability to start/run multiple instances of Snort can be
> helpful.
> For example, instance 1 can be you standard Snort with all of the
> default rules etc. logging to your standard log database.
> But instance 2 can be a specially crafted instance of Snort, using a
> different snort.conf looking for a special packet type and perhaps
> logging in a different way.
> And of course, for those of us with multiple NICs on our Snort server,
> running multiple instances of Snort, 1 for each NIC, is a requirement.
And if that is what you want to do, don't use my example to find the 
process, because it will find *all* of them.  I'm not sure what will happen 
then.  I surmise that it will simply take the last PID it finds, but I 
haven't tested that.

In a case like that, you would want to grep for something unique to that 
process.  E.g.

PID=`ps auxw | grep snort1 | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'`


PID=`ps auxw | grep snort | grep -v grep | grep snort1.conf | awk '{print 

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