[Snort-users] barnyard doesn't write on postgres database

Mattia mattia at ...13269...
Tue Apr 19 06:59:22 EDT 2005

Hi all
I've a problem with Barnyard and Snort. The problem is that Barnyard doesn't write into my postgres database.
I've set Snort to write snort-unified.alert file in my log directory (and all works fine), but when barnyard go to read the file it doesn't create the waldo file, even if I've told by command line to write it. At this point Bardyard write 1 record into the database and it can't write other records because it try to write the next record with the same key.

I've also tried to make Snort write the unified-snort.log files. Snort works always fine. In this case barnyard create the waldo file and take the right snort log file, but barnyard doesn't write into the database. The waldo file update always the numer of records that it had to write but it never write them into the database.

In all the two cases there aren't log error into the server machine in which is installed the postgres database.

What I do wrong? Any suggestion?


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