[Snort-users] Oinkmaster v1.2 released.

Andreas Östling andreaso at ...236...
Sun Apr 17 11:53:56 EDT 2005

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Oinkmaster v1.2 has been released, get it from

MD5 (oinkmaster-1.2.tar.gz) = 23dc212f3a5a93ab32253edb379cb724
SHA1 (oinkmaster-1.2.tar.gz) = d4628e9c42e635aaaf90f8c9b2dfdcd5db618ed4

Changes from v1.1:

o Slightly improved modifysid/template documentation and examples.
  For example, added a new template to disable a SID but only if it has
  a specific revision number so you can disable a rule temporarily and
  automatically start using it again if it becomes updated. Thanks to
  Russell Fulton for this suggestion.
o Suppress warnings about non-matching modifysid expressions when
  running in super quiet mode (-Q).
o Permit .tgz suffix for rules archive.
o Permit filename as argument to modifysid (and use_template) to apply
  a substitution expression on all rules in the specified files(s).
o You can now download multiple rules archives from different URLs at
  the same time, either by specifying several -u <url> on the command
  line or by using several url=<url> directives in the Oinkmaster
  configuration file(s). See the default oinkmaster.conf and the FAQ
  for more information.
o Many updates to the FAQ, especially regarding how to update rules
  from multiple sources. Also added info about how to use Oinkmaster
  after Sourcefire changed the license of the rules.
o Because of the license change, no URL is specified in the default
  oinkmaster.conf anymore. You will have to follow the instructions
  in there and activate the requested URL(s).
o modifysid/use_template statements of all types will now be processed
  in the exact order as specified in the config file. Previously, all
  the wildcards were processed last.
o Slightly improved error handling when running under Windows.
o Removed some useless buttons and changed default URL list in the GUI.
o Misc other minor fixes.

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